Strangers in life, neighbours in the after-life

It is unlikely Sydney Constantine Tolley and Edwin Poyner knew each other in life, but they shared more history than their bones decaying together in the dry Norseman cemetery in WA. They both came from Adelaide families, both were one of five sons and both died of bowel-related illnesses. Tolley was a successful barrister inContinue reading “Strangers in life, neighbours in the after-life”

Shoot, you bastard, shoot

Shoot, you bastard, shoot. These were the last words Charles Corse said to his murderer. He had just put his head between his legs – assumedly to present his rear – as he made ‘a disgusting noise with his mouth.” There is more to the story of his death at the hands of mine managerContinue reading “Shoot, you bastard, shoot”

Dying so far from home

In Australia’s pioneering days, many died far from home. “Rev John Otley Rhodes, missionary in Ceylon who died in Bathurst, March 21, 1881 on his way to England in search of health, aged 36 years.” – Bathurst cemetery “John Kirkup born at Healthpool, Northumberland, England, died 23rd July 1883 in his 50th year, and wasContinue reading “Dying so far from home”