Eileen didn’t get to father for Christmas

1921 – Seventeen-year-old Eileen Flynn’s “splendid physique’ (as described by the newspapers)  wasn’t enough to save her life when she went horse riding. She and her mother had been living apart from their father/husband for two years, while he was at their home in Broken Hill. This arrangement was a result of industrial unrest atContinue reading “Eileen didn’t get to father for Christmas”

Flash flood ended Henry’s gold fever

The words on this headstone in the overgrown abandoned Anglican cemetery at Sofala are almost unreadable, worn by time and overgrown with lichen. The grave’s occupant, Henry Robinson, was lost to the waters of nearby Oaky Creek, just as the stone itself is now being lost to the elements. How long before his story alsoContinue reading “Flash flood ended Henry’s gold fever”