Flying pioneers diced with death

1924 – Aviation in Australia was just out of its first decade when popular young pastoralist Samuel “Keith” Mackay died in an aeroplane accident at Port Hedland, Western Australia. Mackay, 24,  had asked the pilot, Leonard Taplin, who worked for WA Airways and had been chartered for the flight to take Mackay home to hisContinue reading “Flying pioneers diced with death”

Pilot smashed between launch and barque

1891 – Ship’s pilot Arthur Thompson was crushed between two boats as he attempted to move from one to the other. He had just piloted the barque Mary Stewart through King George’s Sound as it was towed by the launch Escort. They were two miles beyond Bald Head  – near Maud Reef in a lineContinue reading “Pilot smashed between launch and barque”

Words written in stone endure

Words written in stone may not always last for ever, but they may endure for a long time. The bitter epitaph above left, “one of seven victims of negligence” was etched in 1948, but still sends a clear message from the family of Victoria Herbert, who lost her life as she took the bus toContinue reading “Words written in stone endure”