Christmas Day sorrow

Cunnamulla cemetery, Queensland, Australia. Image: Sharyn Moodie

This dirt-dusted gravestone in Cunnamulla cemetery only caught my eyes because I have a thing for 1888. And the stone was so covered in debris it was difficult to make out more details.

But when I cleaned it off, this is what was below.

Parents Richard and Alice had married in 1887, and it appears Charles was their firstborn, coming into the world on June 7, 1888. His cause of death is lost to history.

By October the next year, Alice had given birth to the first of three sisters for the short-lived Charles. The three lived into old age.

Cunnamulla, Queensland, Australia

Published by Sharyn Moodie

Travelling around Australia for work, I've found so many amazing headstones. But what is more amazing is the stories behind some of these deaths, and the way newspapers of the day reported them.

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